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There’s nothing quite like a bold piece of jewelry to make a woman feel like the center of attention wherever she goes. Whether you’re talking about a necklace that’s positively dripping with diamonds or a chunky, funky wooden bangle bracelet, a strong accessory can really pull a look together, not to mention demonstrate your confidence to the world. After all, if you’re wearing a piece of jewelry that’s designed to stop traffic and start conversations, you’re not exactly a wallflower.

1) Atomium Ring  (5$-7$) are made out of 8 atoms from different chemical components: Joy, Brightness and Originality, J2B3O3. It's main applications include, supplying colour to people, incremental happiness and welfare feeling.
Oh! Yes, I know the molecular structure is unrealistic. Just in case: the ring is not a real atom ;)

2) Mark Davis rings ($ 1700-4000).
Bring the geometric playfulness of mod style back into your wardrobe with the Esther Ring by designer Mark Davis. These colorful Bakelite rings are highly polished offering a sheen that makes you take notice. The colorways offered are soft enough to be worn with any outfit throughout the year, but still posses a boldness that is eye catching and would add an interesting quality to your attire.

3) Dara Ettinger rings.
 Each of these unique pieces is actually carved out of stone, with the shimmering druzy crystals covering the ring’s face. The overall effect is a mass of crystals adorning your hand — a sparkle that you would be hard-pressed to match with other gemstone jewelry. Priced at under $100 and available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors, these rings are truly show stopping pieces and a fantastic addition to your jewelry collection.

 4) rings of Ana Cavalheiro ($600-5000).
Inspired by vibrant colors and traditional Portuguese architecture, Ana Cavalheiro designs bring together her appreciation of the timeless classic with the modern lines. Growing up surrounded by historical buildings and references, Ana is often inspired by romantic and medieval motifs that she combines with bright and colorful gemstones to create one of a kind design.

5) rings of Citrine By The Stones ($100-500).
These rings are meant to be playful, yet it always gives a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe.

6) rings of Laurie Brown ( about 340$).

 7) rings of Simon Harrison ($200-900)
For millennia romantics have gazed up at the night sky and contemplated the stars in wonder. We now know that these twinkling specs of light are distant solar systems and awesome galaxies. What we are seeing is the history of our universe, light that is millions of years old.  The collection explores this theme, with special attention given to the inner areas where secret details, such as three dimensional stars can be seen on the bangle, ring and earrings. Its sculptural form makes a bold fashion statement.

8) rings of Aurora Lopez Mejia. ($ 1000-10 000)
Inspired by the talismans of ancient civilizations and the power of language, Aurora Lopez Mejia custom jewelry is meant to inspire, empower and provoke.

9) rings of Manu ($ 140-500). 
Just enjoy manu – each piece is just for you!

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