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1Браслет, Escada 2Клатч, Ralph Lauren
3Браслет, Coach4Платье-­комбинация, Intimissimi
5Заколка, Swarovski 6Ремень, Michalsky
7Босоножки, Louis Vuitton 8Брелок, Loewe
9Шампанское, Veuve Clicquot 10Клатч, Bally
11Колье, Chanel Joaillerie12Босоножки, Prada
13Кольцо, Pomellato 14Тарелка, Puiforcat

Кольцо, «Смоленские бриллианты» 2Часы, Boucheron
3Клатч, Ralph Lauren 4Брелок, S.T.Dupont
5Туфли, Le Silla 6Тарелка, Puiforcat
7Браслет, Hermès 8Часы, Chanel Joaillerie
9Ваза, Christofle 10Колье, Sonia Rykiel
11Сумка, Coach 12Балетки, Ras
13Чемодан, Le Tanneur 14Набор игральных карт, Puiforcat

1Виски, Glenmorangie 2Ремень, Dior
3Кошелек, Loewe 4Жакет, Giorgio Armani
5Очки, Escada 6Туфли, Dolce & Gabbana
7Белье, Intimissimi 8Запонки, Pomellato
9Браслет, Jil Sander 10Часы, Raymond Weil
11Жакет, Diego M 12Чемодан, Samsonite Black Label by Viktor & Rolf
13Сумка, Prada14Колье и кольцо, Pomellato

Виски, Dewar’s 2Брелок, Swarovski
3Ремень, Roberto Cavalli 4Кошелек, Bally
5Брошь, Marc Cain 6Чемодан, Samsonite Black Label by Viktor & Rolf
7Сумка, Furla 8Босоножки, Escada
9Ручка, Montegrappa10Серьги, Dior Joaillerie
11Юбка, Gant 12Очки, Sonia Rykiel
13Белье, Intimissimi 14Балетки, Dior
15Браслеты, Hermès

1Шляпа, Marc Cain 2Запонки, Pomellato
3Ваза, Lalique 4Флешка, Swarovski
5Часы, Baume & Mercier 6Сумка, Tod’s
7Босоножки, Boss Black8Жакет, Simonetta Ravizza
9Чайная пара, Hermès 10Часы, Blancpain
11Клатч, Blumarine 12Ремень, Coccinelle
13Очки, Dior 14Брошь, Vhernier

суббота, 4 декабря 2010 г.

There’s nothing quite like a bold piece of jewelry to make a woman feel like the center of attention wherever she goes. Whether you’re talking about a necklace that’s positively dripping with diamonds or a chunky, funky wooden bangle bracelet, a strong accessory can really pull a look together, not to mention demonstrate your confidence to the world. After all, if you’re wearing a piece of jewelry that’s designed to stop traffic and start conversations, you’re not exactly a wallflower.

1) Atomium Ring  (5$-7$) are made out of 8 atoms from different chemical components: Joy, Brightness and Originality, J2B3O3. It's main applications include, supplying colour to people, incremental happiness and welfare feeling.
Oh! Yes, I know the molecular structure is unrealistic. Just in case: the ring is not a real atom ;)

2) Mark Davis rings ($ 1700-4000).
Bring the geometric playfulness of mod style back into your wardrobe with the Esther Ring by designer Mark Davis. These colorful Bakelite rings are highly polished offering a sheen that makes you take notice. The colorways offered are soft enough to be worn with any outfit throughout the year, but still posses a boldness that is eye catching and would add an interesting quality to your attire.

3) Dara Ettinger rings.
 Each of these unique pieces is actually carved out of stone, with the shimmering druzy crystals covering the ring’s face. The overall effect is a mass of crystals adorning your hand — a sparkle that you would be hard-pressed to match with other gemstone jewelry. Priced at under $100 and available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors, these rings are truly show stopping pieces and a fantastic addition to your jewelry collection.

 4) rings of Ana Cavalheiro ($600-5000).
Inspired by vibrant colors and traditional Portuguese architecture, Ana Cavalheiro designs bring together her appreciation of the timeless classic with the modern lines. Growing up surrounded by historical buildings and references, Ana is often inspired by romantic and medieval motifs that she combines with bright and colorful gemstones to create one of a kind design.

5) rings of Citrine By The Stones ($100-500).
These rings are meant to be playful, yet it always gives a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe.

6) rings of Laurie Brown ( about 340$).

 7) rings of Simon Harrison ($200-900)
For millennia romantics have gazed up at the night sky and contemplated the stars in wonder. We now know that these twinkling specs of light are distant solar systems and awesome galaxies. What we are seeing is the history of our universe, light that is millions of years old.  The collection explores this theme, with special attention given to the inner areas where secret details, such as three dimensional stars can be seen on the bangle, ring and earrings. Its sculptural form makes a bold fashion statement.

8) rings of Aurora Lopez Mejia. ($ 1000-10 000)
Inspired by the talismans of ancient civilizations and the power of language, Aurora Lopez Mejia custom jewelry is meant to inspire, empower and provoke.

9) rings of Manu ($ 140-500). 
Just enjoy manu – each piece is just for you!

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Fashion tea

First day of winter i decided to start with a hot and flavorful cup of tea! I choose black one with bergamot and fresh mint leaves!  It ziped me up!
Then i realised that is available in very different tastes, different colors, and tea bags can have different decorations! All that details are very important 'cause it's cheer you up! And every day can be different too. Tea gives you the effects, both pleasurable and medical, that you want.
Choosing the right tea for you may be as simple as the change of seasons. Spring is considered the season for flower teas, summer is for green teas and autumn is a season of changes, perfect for a Oolong tea (between black and green). Cold winters are perfect for any of them! You can also choose to drink certain teas according to the time of day. Some of them helps you to relieve depression, stress and anxiety, some
can  help to relax the body after a long day and so on.
Difficult to find the one that tastes the best to you.
I was studing info about tea.
Have to say, design of tea bags amazed me! Watch what i found)

1) Cup of Fame designed by Donkey Products – 5 original film stars as tea bags filled with black tea

A hot bath – with only you and Audrey Hepburn? A dream that before seemed impossible, can finally become a reality. Act up in silence with Charlie Chaplin or, if you like it hot, share a cuppa with Marilyn Monroe – all of these are possible with the Tea Bag Set – Cup of Fame.

Relax with a nice cup of tea in the company of memorable Hollywood stars. Just sit back and relax, while enjoying a nice cup of tea during the next take: Lights, camera, action!

2) Tea-Shirts

Soon Mo Kang's Hanger Tea is a creative new approach to packaging and using tea bags. The tea bags are in the shape of a t-shirt with built-in hangers that come packaged in a mini tea closet. The hangers function as a hook for used tea bags to be put on the rim of the tea cup.

3) Teabag Coasters” by Yuree S. Lim & Jieun Yang

Are you a tea lover? I am! And the idea of Yuree S. Lim and Jieun Yang totally got me.
You simply have to remove your tea bag from your cup, and put it on one of the coasters. It allows the remaining tea to soak into the Teabag Coasters and the drawing will be formed.

4) Dear Prada, Please Send Us Some Of Your Tea Bags

These look beautiful, but I’d still really like to know what the tea tastes like! Hint, hint everyone at Prada.

5) “Blushing Blossom”
“Blushing Blossom” – total user experience: packaging, graphic and brand design
Unique Brand Design to break into the Global Market. An unique upgrade of the tea-bag concept.

6) Unitasker Wednesday: The Squeasy Tea Bag Squeezer

Tea lovers, your prayers have been answered. You no longer have to burn your fingertips on scalding hot tea bags just to enjoy every last drop of tea. The Container Store has you covered with the Squeasy Tea Bag Squeezer. How else would one get the maximum tea out of a tea bag, with a spoon? Ha! That is so pedestrian. No self respecting tea drinker would be caught using a spoon to squeeze out his tea.

7) Flower bag

8) Pay $14,000 for a Tea Bag

PG Tips is a British company that makes tea. Boodles jewelers (an exclusive jeweller based in the UK) made a diamond teabag to celebrate PG Tips 75th birthday. The tea bag was hand-crafted using 280 diamonds. The tea bag is valued at around $14,000. I knew the British took their tea seriously, but now I know they're plain crazy about it!
9) Green berry tea

This origami-inspired tea bag by Russian designer Natalie Ponomareva will delight tea lovers. While the tea infuses, the animal tea bag will expand and fill out.

10)Tea in a Tin

Can you do like this?